Colony Cove Lakes Association
Colony Lakes Association
Colony Cove, Ellenton Florida
Website Coordinator: Cheryl Lamb -


This Season's Trip Theme is: "Exploring the Florida Around Us"

October 2014 - Wednesday Oct. 15th - Mote Marine Sea Life Encounter Cruise - $23.00 pp
Leave from Harmony Hall on Colony Cove Bus or carpool at 9 AM. Join a marine biologist
at 10:30 AM on this 1+1/2 hour cruise on Sarasota & Roberts Bays. Observe manatees
and dolphins. Your guide will lead you on a short nature walk on an uninhabited island
to view tropical birds in their nesting habitat, and will collect a sample of marine life with
a trawl net. Observe and handle puffer fish, sea horses, stone crabs and more. Maximum
of 40 people. Contact Luetta Phillips for reservations at 721-9999 or sign up on Harmony
bulletin board.

November 2014 - Wednesday Nov. 19th - Manatee Meals on Wheels Food Bank and Renaissance Center - FREE
Tour leaves Renaissance (9th St.) at 9:30 AM (their bus). Goes to Manatee Food Bank and Daybreak
Adult Day Care. Returns for tour of Renaissance Center and gift shop. Lunch optional at Center. For
reservations contact Glenna Koch at 981-3181 or sign up at Manatee Hall bulletin board.

November 2014 - Saturday Nov. 29 - Orban's Nursery Poinsettia Extravaganza Open House - FREE
Leave from Harmony Hall at 12:00 Noon. Back by 4:00 PM. CC Bus availability TBA. For reservations
contact Jim Herbin at 729-6643 or sign up at Manatee Hall bulletin board.

January 2015 - Monday Jan. 11 - Visit to John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art - FREE
Minimal cost for tour guide TBA. Lunch optional at museum. Carpool from Harmony Hall at time TBA.
For reservations contact Sandy Jones 799-4008 or sign up at Manatee Hall bulletin board.

Lakes activities for March and April 2015 TBA


President: Cheryl Lamb - 981-9180
Vice President: Ray Bruce - 722-6276
Secretary: Aline Jandreau - 722-6542
Assistant Secretary: Joann Reynolds - 729-6764
Treasure: Glenna Koch - 981-3181
Assistant Treasurer: Ruthie Streb - 729-9429

Dick Smith - 269-967-5117
Mary Jane Smith - 722-8867
George Reed - 722-4429
Jim Herbin - 729-6643
Kathy Plourde - 723-1933
Tom Indoe - 722-6818

Membership Chair: Ruthie Streb
Nominating Committee Chair: Dick Smith
Entertainment Committee Chair: Kathy Plourde
HOA Liaison: Liz Eslaire

Lakes Board meeting is the first Saturday of the month in the Glass Room, Harmony Hall, immediately following Lakes coffee hour.
Lakes General Meeting is the third Saturday of the month in Harmony Hall, immediately following Lakes coffee hour.

Membership is open to all mobile home owners in Colony Cove who reside at that address or to renters of resident home owners.
Membership is $3.00 per person.

Lakes Coffee Hour is open to everyone in Colony Cove and is held every Saturday morning from 9:30-10:30 in Harmony Hall.
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and doughnuts are available.
Coffee Hour program coordinator is Joyce Austin (722-9753).
Suggestions for coffee hour activities/entertainment are welcome.

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